The defi protocol (YFI), with a $884 million market cap, is eyeing yet another merger with a food-themed defi project, SushiSwap, with a market cap of $356 million. SushiSwap is a fork of the decentralized Uniswap exchange and has over $830 million total value locked (TLV), compared to $448 million TLV of Uniswap. This means SushiSwap has twice the value of assets as Uniswap, but only 40% of the market cap valuation. In addition to combining technical features such as swaps, options, and loans, and the merger would combine both project's TLV into a single liquidity pool. Both protocols would also share developer resources and hold each other’s tokens in their treasuries, per the agreement. The deal is pending votes from both governing parties of Yearn and SushiSwap. Today, decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator 1inch has closed a $12 million funding round led by Pantera Capital. There are $14.6 billion TLV across the entire defi network. Despite losing over half its value in September, the Binance DeFi Composite Index recovered over 70% in November alongside Bitcoin's 36% bull run over the same period. The SushiSwap acquisition marks the fifth acquisition by Yearn, as the protocol recently announced mergers with defi apps Pickle Finance, Cream Finance, Cover, and Akropolis, as well as an integration with crypto wallet provider Argent.