Thanks to the popularity of cryptocurrency coupled with blanket bans by Facebook and Google on crypto-related ads dating back to 2018, there are now dedicated bitcoin ad networks that allow you to display crypto-related ads on your site and earn bitcoin. Ad networks may differ in several parameters such as which websites they allow on their network, their payout frequency, cryptocurrency support, Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, customer support ratings, and more. Based on volume and domain authority, here are the top 10 crypto advertising networks in 2020 as alternatives to SEO, Google, and Facebook. The most popular is Brave Network, which pays out to publishers in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Brave has a $328 million market cap and in November 2019 Brave launched an ad network which returns a 70% back to its users. The next most popular bitcoin advertising network—according to a 99 Bitcoins ranking—is Romania-based Coinzilla, followed by CoinTraffic, Bitmedia, CoinAds, A-Ads, AdBit, Mellow Ads, CoinMedia, and Adconity. Nearly all of these project were founded to promote advertising partnerships in the crypto niche and help digital exchanges accelerate their marketing efforts with lower risk. At Coinzilla, for example, they provide classic banner ads, native ads, pop-ups, as well as a crypto-powered marketplace to publish content across leading websites with a white-glove experience.