Analyst and founder of Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester, predicts that the shortcomings that plagued eBay may also be a threat to Ethereum (ETH), as Bitcoin (BTC) has a better user experience that will ultimately make it the most valued platform by consumers. "Ebay was a very open, flexible platform: any user can list anything for sale, choose the terms of the auction, and build their reputation on the platform," he said, and then explained "Amazon was much more restrictive at first: Bezos only sold books, didn’t allow for third party vendors during its first five years, and each book only had one page on the website. This significantly slowed down early growth." Today, over 17 years later, eBay’s market cap is $35 billion, whereas Amazon boasts $1.6 trillion.

Crypto News Flash (Sept 6, 2020)