We now accept multi-currency trading on Redeeem for Amazon gift cards and other brands (upon request). By default, all gift cards are assumed to be USA and USD currency unless otherwise noted. However, we added seven new trading brands for Amazon so users can have more flexibility. Make sure you double check the country, currency and website of every gift card before buying to make sure you can redeem it easily. We now accept the following gift card brands:

Amazon Canada (CA)
Canadian Dollar (CAD) ($)

Amazon United Kingdom (UK)
Euro (EUR) (€)

Amazon Germany (DE)
Euro (EUR) (€)

Amazon France (FR)
Euro (EUR) (€)

Amazon Australia (AU)
Australian Dollar (AUD) ($)

Amazon Japan (JP)
Japanese Yen (JPY) (¥)

Amazon China (CN)
China Yuan Renminbi (CNY) (¥)

The Create Order page has been updated to allow sellers to search gift card brands and select the right currency.  The lower you set your price, the faster it will sell on the marketplace. We recommend over 30% discount for it to sell same-day. If you would like us to support trading for a new currency on Redeeem, please start a chat with our support team and we will review your request.

Search for the gift card brand you want to sell!

To buy a gift card with bitcoin, simply go to your local store or online website. Complete the Create Order form by filling out the brand, amount, rate and cooling period, and attaching a receipt and picture of the scratched-off gift card code (optional, but highly recommended). The higher your discount and better your reputation and trust rating, the faster it will sell. Our automated system will do its best to find you a buyer quickly. For full gift card trading rules, click here.