Top 20 Crypto and Blockchain Conferences by Country

Discover the Top 20 Crypto and Blockchain Conferences by Country and get a sense for what are worth attending and which aren't.

Top 20 Crypto and Blockchain Conferences by Country

We were doing some research on what blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences we'd go to this year and decided to opensource our findings so you can find an event in your area or a conference worth traveling to.

Thoughts on Crypto conferences

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are new concepts (under 10 years old), but have grown in popularity faster than the internet. As of November 2019, there are 5647 Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's), who in 2018 raised $11.4 Billion. There is a lot of consumer interest, money invested, and smart people working on blockchain technology, the question you might be asking yourself is how to participate.

That's where conferences are still very popular, and with a decentralized financial system, trust among partners is even higher, so it's a great way to get connected with new exciting companies, or potentially get an idea for your own company.

Because the crypto industry is so new, no one has more than 10 years of experience, so if you're looking for a career change, an international conference might be a great investment. Below are the top conferences we found, please do share this list on social media if you found it valuable!

1. Crypto Finance Conference 2020

2. Geneva Blockchain Congress 2020

3. European Blockchain Convention (EBC)

4. UNLOCK Blockchain 2020 Forum

5. Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference 2020

6. DAS: London 2020

7. NFT.NYC 2020

8. The 4th Annual International CRYPTO WORLD SUMMIT

9. Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 2019

10. Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020

11. CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit 2020

12. Blockchain Technology World 2020

13. Blockchain Africa Conference 2020


15. Blockchain Expo Global

16. Blockchain Revolution Global 2020

17. BlockWorks Group Digital Asset Summit 2020

18. Blockchain Summit Ireland 2020

19. Mining Disrupt Conference 2020

20. World Crypto-Bitcoin & Blockchain 2020