Top 15 Crypto Reddit Communities

A list of the top 15 Reddit Communities to learn about Cryptocurrency. These are groups that talk about trading, using, building, and investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Top 15 Crypto Reddit Communities

Here is a list of the top 15 Reddit Communities to learn about Cryptocurrency. These are groups that talk about trading, using, building, and investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

1. Reddit Bitcoin

This Reddit community is dedicated to all things Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are managed without any central authority: no government, company, or bank is in charge of Bitcoin. You would like this group if you are interested in software technology, peer-to-peer systems, economics, or just making money online. A large percentage of the group is Bitcoin enthusiasts and being one of the larger Reddit groups, this is a great place to start!

2. Bitcoin Beginners

This subreddit is created for beginners in Bitcoins. They discuss and encourage their members to ask anything about Bitcoins. This is just like an open community where everyone helps each other with their basic to complex questions and struggles about Bitcoins. If you got questions and want to help others, you may throw your comment on their subreddit freely.

3. BTC

This is an open and free support subreddit that mainly discusses Bitcoins news, developments and interviews from top BTC Industry pioneers. They also have a chatroom where you can ask for Bitcoin-related questions and inquiries. The best thing about this diverse community is that they honor the spirit and nature of BTC being a place for an open and free discussion about Bitcoins without the interference of moderators.

4. CryptoCurrency

This is the official source for cryptocurrency news, discussion & analysis. This subreddit also manages r/CryptoMarkets and it mainly for open source exchanges, inflation rates, demand, and price, etc. They also handle r/cryptodevs which is the main source for Crypto-related developer discussion, technical discussion, and current news. Lastly, the r/CryptoTechnology, created for serious & technical discussion of cryptocurrency technology and its use cases. These subreddits are very informative and full of many different perspectives from different members across the globe.

5. BitMarket

A subreddit mainly for buying and selling almost anything for Bitcoins except what is prohibited by Reddit. As their member, you may be able to sell and buy on their community. This is a perfect place where to trade anything useful or valuable into Bitcoins. Shout out to all the traders of different Gift Cards out there you may post your cards here in exchange for Bitcoins. Just always be vigilant to avoid scams.

6. Litecoin Markets

This subreddit welcomes general discussion related to the days events, technical analysis, trading ideas & strategies in the world cryptocurrency specifically Litecoin. They also discuss its growth and how it creates impact among other cryptos. This is also a source of bunch of suggestions where you can find stores and exchanges that accepts Litecoin as mode of payment.

8. Crypto Sob Markets

A subreddit of crypto scam revelation from different people across the globe. They share and announce here current biggest lies and unjust handling of their cryptos and mostly losing their whole investment money for cryptocurrency. This is also an eye opener for all the traders and anyone who’s in Crypto World, so always be vigilant and research as much as you can before investing into something big. You can start your awareness here!


All for sale - that is what this subreddit is all about. Redditors around the world trade and exchange unused and unwanted objects to anyone who will meet their payment standard and procedure. Some accepts PayPal but mostly accepts payments in cryptocurrency as this is the money of the future. Are you looking to buy something like subscription, online course, etc, this is the best place for you!

10. Reddit Exchange

If you got bunch of cryptos to spend and want to go online shopping for gift cards, like Netflix, Nordstrom, Scribd, Grammarly, HBO, WWE, VyprVPN, etc. this subreddit is the best place to start with. They mainly accepts bitcoins, ethereum and other major cryptos. You’ll find it easy who to purchase because they have their trade description that includes their history of trading and their grade.

10. Steam

This is the official subreddit for Steam Community. Steam is a video game digital distribution service platform developed by Valve Corporation with nearly 30,000 games from AAA to indie and everything in-between. Here in this channel you may find Steam Gift Cards for sales at times and can be purchased using cryptocurrency.

11. Gift Card Deals

According to its subreddit description: this is for sharing and promotion of deals, discounts, and promotions involving retail gift card purchases. From Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and others that are very popular in the marketplace can be found here in this subreddit and can be purchased in cheaper value using cryptocurrency.

12. Dropship

This is a helpful community and a place to tackle the business of dropshipping from the side as a seller or a buyer. This is where you can find useful resources, problem solutions and serious technical issues that everyone in the industry struggles with. You can also find suggestions what is the best exchange to go to purchase discounted gift cards and some informative discussions on how beneficial it is to turn your commerce business as crypto-accepting online store.

13. Frugal

A thrifty subreddit it is. This is where you can find wise insights, very affordable and easy ways of doing something you taught might be expensive or hard to do. They have bunch of members announcing amazing finds, tricks and tips to everyone for free. Crypto guys also lures this community and mostly suggest on how to get things in cheaper value using cryptocurrency transactions.

14. Promo Code Share

This subreddit offers various ways to get bitcoins, vouchers, gift cards, subscriptions, etc for free. You will mostly see referral links from different members across the planet. When they share they get something from it and you as a user will also be benefited from it, so it’s a win-win situation, like a win-win subreddit!

15. Redeeem

The purpose of this subreddit is to be a helpful community with informative and useful information about Redeeem and Cryptocurrencies. They encourage questions, comments, and discussions related to trading. This is an exchanges known for its safest procedure of buying and selling. If you are looking for an alternative and you are tired of rampant scams on internet about discounted gift cards, time to try Redeeem. Thank us later!