Top 10 Ways to Hire a Software Developer

There are many online sites where you can find software developers for hire. This article lists ten.

Top 10 Ways to Hire a Software Developer

There is a reason why people “google” every time they want to find something. The internet is a huge resource that is continuously growing and all you have to do is type a few words and voila! The information you need appears.

Therefore, if your company is hiring, your best bet of finding the best professionals out there is online. You can post your vacancy on job boards for people to send their applications or you can look for talent on professional sites like LinkedIn. In this article, we reveal the top ten ways to hire a software developer.

Otter Labs

Otter is a web and mobile development agency that connects developers in Argentina with tech startups in the US. For a fraction of the cost of hiring US developers, Otter matches companies with the right developers for the job.

The founders of Otter chose Argentina because the country has a lot of technical talent, its people are fluent in English, and the time zone is only a few hours ahead of the US. What’s more, Argentina has a favorable exchange rate.

Otter pays its developers in Bitcoin or USD.


Toptal is an exclusive site that brings together the top freelance professionals in software development, project management, finance, design, and product management.

The software developers on Toptal undergo a strict vetting process to ensure that they can deliver when hired. To use this platform, simply click “Hire Top Talent” and answer the questions provided. Your answers will enable the team find the right developer that will help you achieve your project goals.

Github Jobs

When looking to hire a software developer, Github Jobs is another great site to use. Github has a large community of developers. Therefore, when you create a job listing and publish it, you will attract the top talent in the industry.

To create a listing, simply create an account, pay, and publish your job vacancy. Job listings on this platform are live for 30 days.


Hired is an excellent platform to find highly qualified tech professionals including software developers. The site makes hiring fast and easy because the candidates are already vetted.

You can request a demo to see how the process works before you begin to hire. Once you are ready, you can find your perfect candidate and schedule an interview.


Gigster is another platform that can help you build the best software development team in days.  Besides recruiting the team that will help you achieve your project goals, Gigster also manages the team for you.

Furthermore, the career platform practices elastic staffing. This means that Gigster will adjust your team’s skill sets as the need arises.

Stack Overflow

Like Github, Stack Overflow has a large online community of developers. In this community, developers share knowledge, get answers to difficult questions, and find jobs.

When you post your job vacancy on Stack Overflow, you are guaranteed that it will attract a lot of software developers. The site allows employers to search and converse with the perfect candidates. Also, you can use targeted ads to reach job seekers.


CodePen is a social community for developers where they build, test, and discover front-end code. Also, the platform is suitable for hiring top talent. All you have to do is post a job for a fee and start receiving applications.

The platform claims to have 5.2 million monthly visitors ensuring that your post will get a lot of views. CodePen also shares job postings on CSS-Tricks and ShopTalk Show


If you are looking for a job platform that gives you more control over the hiring process, Freelancer is the best place for you. What is more, you are more likely to get affordable freelancers here than anywhere else since freelancers will bid on your project. Freelancers on this platform are highly competitive which means that they might bid low to get a gig.

However, you will sift through a lot of profiles and bids before you narrow down to a few candidates to interview. This is a tedious process.

Freelancer offers a chat feature for employers and freelancers to stay in touch.


Upwork is a popular platform where you can find software development freelancers to help you with your project. However, it is debatable whether or not you will find quality developers on this site.

Like Freelancer, you will have to do most of the work yourself from searching for the right candidates to setting up interviews.

Upwork has a messaging and video call feature to continuously keep in touch with the freelancer you hire.


LinkedIn has become a useful tool for employers looking to hire talented professionals. The professional site has more than 690 million users and 303 million active monthly account holders.

Moreover, the platform has a powerful search feature that employers can use to look for software developers. Employers can filter search results by location, connection relationship, and current company.

Next, employers can use the search results to view the profiles of potential employees and they can send connection requests with a note to kick start a conversation. Employers with premium accounts can use the “InMail” feature to send messages to potential candidates.

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