The Binance DeFi Composite Index is down nearly 60% since early September, losing nearly half its value in October. On August 26, Binance Futures launched its DeFi Composite Index, a basket of 19 defi tokens that would be rebalanced updated weekly—comprising of Chainlink (LINK) at 27%, Aave (LEND) at 11%, Synthetic Network Token (SNX) at 8%, Maker (MKR) at 7%, and a handful of other prominent defi tokens. Market caps ranged from $150 million to $6.5 billion. However, Bitcoin might have spoiled the defi parade, gaining more than 27% in October, re-establishing itself as the head of the crypto snake. Binance reported yesterday, "Defi hype fades as correlation with Bitcoin goes negative." Binance Futures open interest hit new all-time highs at $1.43 billion, 43% higher than the previous month. Some of the biggest criticisms of defi sector are the infinite supply of ether tokens, its high fees, and the underlying risk of stablecoin default. Accounting for liquidity, Bitcoin has over a 90% market dominance on the entire crypto industry, according to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. Saylor owns $250 million BTC personally, but does't hold any ETH. When looking at Ethereum as an alternative investment to Bitcoin, he said "it didn’t compare," because Bitcoin is a "crypto-asset" while Ethereum is a "crypto-application."