10 of the Best Paid Resources to Learn Blockchain and Crypto

What is a Cryptocurrency? How does a Blockchain work? Find answers to these questions and more, and gain an edge in the Cryptocurrency trading industry

10 of the Best Paid Resources to Learn Blockchain and Crypto

Learning about Cryptocurrency can be overwhelming. With all the content available on the web, finding out which video to watch or article to read can be perplexing and mentally draining. So we took that task off of your shoulders and compiled the best resources currently available online. You can check out paid courses below, all guaranteed to help you edge out the competition in your crypto game.

If you really want to dive deep into crypto world professionally, check out our Top 20 Crypto and Blockchain Conferences by Country. If you just want to hang back and check out an online course, keep reading.

1. Learn Blockchain Technology by Creating a Cryptocurrency

  • Course that offers the basics of how the blockchain technology works, what makes it advanced and secure. It also discusses in detail how you can create a cryptocurrency that's ready for use. The course has 14 lectures that's over 2 hours which you can get for $99.99 (currently discounted at 90%).

2. Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals

  • A 2-skill course that can be completed in 3 months wherein you will learn about the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  This course also offers an in-depth understanding of the specific mechanics of Bitcoin, it's Proof-of-Work algorithm and it's practical application. The course tackles as well blockchain implementation and scaling, and how the regulation of cryptocurrencies affect implications for anonymity.  The course will be taught by experts from BerkeleyX and costs $178

3. Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

  • This 14-week course will provide you the knowledge and skills to understand the blockchain technology. It also covers how it can impact a potential change in the world by analyzing use cases in technology and business, as well as business products and institutions.  Signing up for the course is free, and you can get a verified certificate by adding $99.

4. FinTech Ethics and Risks

  • This course will teach you about Blockchain and AI regulation and utilization from an individual and organizational level.  It will also tackle solutions FinTech has adopted to ensure that the development of these technologies does affect society adversely.

5. Professional Certificate in FinTech

  • A 5-month course where you will learn about FinTech and how it is changing the finance world, including major technologies and players in the market, startups, TechFins, traditional financial institutions and regulators.  It also discusses the design, uses, potential and limitations of blockchain.

6. The Complete Cryptocurrency Course

  • A comprehensive cryptocurrency course that will discuss Cryptocurrency Investing, Mining, Wallets and Exchanges. It will also delve into the blockchain technology and how you can create a diversified portfolio.

7. No. 1 Cryptocurrency Investment Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • A course designed to teach how one can buy Bitcoin using Coinbase, and how you can use this along with Poloniex and Bittrex. This includes how you can cash out and return your funds back into your bank account or convert it to other 'altcoins'.

8. Learn Cryptocurrency Investment From Scratch

  • Learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency and identify common risks involved in this investment to avoid pitfalls.  Primarily aims to provide an impartial view of the Cryptoverse to provide an informed decision in deciding on viable investments.

9. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency

  • Created by George Levy, this 1.5 hours on-demand video course will give you a strong, working knowledge of cryptocurrency and how the different types work.  You'll also be able to confidently use and discuss cryptocurrency effectively in everday situations

10. Bitcoin Investing, Get Savings And Discounts - Introduction

  • Learn how to make the most out of your bitcoin investment. This 1-hour on-demand video course will provide different sites where Bitcoin can be earned, as well as how you can use Bitcoin in everyday life like getting discounts on items using Bitcoin.