I promise this isn't a shill for Nexo. The Swiss crypto banking platform celebrated 1 million users this week and increased yields to 8% APY for cryptocurrencies and 12% for stablecoins, if you accept Nexo tokens. Learn more on their Nexonomics page. Nexo is one of the most advanced platforms in the industry for instant crypto (flash) loans, and the only blockchain company to provide its services in 40+ fiat currencies, launch a public token, and manage operations in 200+ jurisdictions. Nexo gives many digital asset holders the best of both worlds—instant access to capital and the ability to retaining ownership of their assets with long-term upside. The market cap for the Nexo token is about $100 million, but has traded as high as $200 million earlier this year during the defi craze. In August 2019, Nexo launched the Nexo debit card, available in the U.K. only, but has struggled to find a U.S. banking partner. The closest competitor to Nexo is a slower and more tightly-regulated BlockFi offering up to 6% for crypto and 9.3% for stablecoins at the time of this post. Nexo was founded in October 2014 by Antoni Trenchev, who received a Bachelors Degree in law at King's College London and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMLS), according to his LinkedIn profile. Trenchev explains the new Nexonomics model by saying: “With volatility rife around the second COVID wave and exacerbated by the US elections, we want to give our clients the financial stability and opportunities to guarantee their peace of mind."