It's been a rough year for Coinbase. After 37-year old CEO Brian Armstrong decided to ban social activism at Coinbase, they lost a Senior Software Engineer, their Chief Compliance Officer, their Global Head of Marketing, as well as 5% of their 1,200 person workforce (60+ people)—in addition to losing three senior executives earlier this year. Now, Serena Williams, perhaps the world’s most successful tennis player of all time, also appears to be divesting her interests from Coinbase. In 2014, she launched Serena Ventures with the mission of "giving opportunities to founders across an array of industries." Her website states that she is looking to invest in companies that "embrace diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity and opportunity.” The Serena Ventures portfolio includes over 50 companies with a total market capitalization of $14 billion, and 60% of her investments have gone to diverse founders. It's unclear how much was invested in Coinbase by her VC firm, but recent events have obviously led her to remove Coinbase entirely from her website. With 23 Grand Slam titles (14 Grand Slam doubles), eight No. 1 rankings, four Olympic gold medals, and a combined net worth of over $225 million with husband Alexis Ohanian (founder of Reddit), this is a very high profile departure for Coinbase. Coinbase is already reeling after disclosing recently in a Transparency Report that they complied with over 1,914 requests from law enforcement and government agencies such as FBI, ICE, IRS, and SEC that sought to get their hands on customer account information and financial records. Coinbase is now listed by Glassdoor as being on a "hiring surge" as the growing resentment towards their new company culture (and CEO) intensifies—which will inevitably lead to more departures. Police in the U.S. have killed 164 black people in the first eight months of 2020.