Buy crypto vouchers on Redeeem in BTC or USD and send them safely to any email address worldwide for a low, fixed cost with no price markup or mining fees. Unlike other crypto vouchers, Redeeem charges 0% fee to recipients.

Buy crypto vouchers easily and securely from our Vouchers page. Simply select either a BTC or USD denomination, select an amount, enter an email address and a brief note in order to complete the form. You can pay from your BTC or USD wallet, depending on where you have funds.

You can send a minimum of $5.00 and maximum of $10,000. You will be required to confirm a link sent to your email address.

To consume a voucher, simply click the redemption button in your email and enter the bitcoin withdraw address with no Redeeem account required and no KYC to start sending or receiving vouchers.

Please note, if your voucher is denominated in Bitcoin (BTC), it will likely have higher market fluctuations than those denominated in USD. A network fee of $8 to $10 is charged to create each voucher depending on your plan; however, no mining fees, markup, or any other hidden fees will be charged to the recipient. They will receive the exact amount stated on the voucher.

Unlike other crypto vouchers, Redeeem charges 0% fee to recipients.

Crypto vouchers are only available to purchase with crypto funds in your Redeeem wallet. We do not accept credit cards for purchasing vouchers. Vouchers are intended to be sent to friends and family for remittance payments only, not traded on third-market exchanges.

According to Statista, there are over 12,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, with machines located in 58 countries. The most popular of crypto ATM manufacturers is General Bytes, with 32% of global market share. United States and Canada have over 90% market share, with Miami being the #1 Bitcoin ATM market globally.

Please report a bug or email support if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy yet another product built on Web 3.0 standards.