Last week we released our @RedeeemBot for Telegram to a few beta users on Redeeem and today we are excited to introduce our app to everyone. Users can now use our RedeeemBot to sell gift cards directly in Telegram and check real-time market stats, account balances, sale offers and more — all without logging into the Redeeem app. This bot is first of its kind in the gift card industry, and we are excited to share it with you today so you can trade faster and find better deals.

Start Bot

After you click the @RedeeemBot link you can read the welcome prompt and press "Start" to wake up the bot and start chatting. If you do not have an account on Redeeem yet, create one using /signup prompt or website.

Click "Start" when you open the bot.

Bot Commands

The bot uses the Redeeem API to offer users a lightweight experience for the same trusted peer-to-peer crypto exchange users have enjoyed since 2018. Users of the RedeeemBot can currently execute the following commands in Telegram.

/start - Redeeem intro
/buy - Buy cards with credits
/sell - Sell cards for bitcoin
/stats - Market stats
/brands - Get brands
/credits - Get credits
/earnings - Get earnings
/wallet - Get wallet
/signup - Create account
/signin - Signin to account
/help - Help commands

Sell Cards for Bitcoin

You can sell your unwanted gift cards at a discount directly in Telegram and earn bitcoin to your Redeeem wallet or any external Bitcoin (BTC) address. If you have the gift card in hand, you can create an instant order. To secure a buyer before uploading the card details, create a delayed order.

For instant orders, sellers can choose a cooling period between 30 minutes and 24 hours. For delayed orders, sellers have between 2-24 hours (delivery period) to upload the card details after it's sold and buyers have 6-24 hours (cooling period) to redeem the card and report any issues in the app. If a bad card is reported, sellers can file a dispute within 1 hour of the refund request.

Sell a gift card using the @RedeeemBot on Telegram.

Other Features

Once you authenticate in the app using the /signin feature, you can check your Credits, Earnings or Wallet (bitcoin) balances using the /credits, /earnings, or /wallet commands (respectively). You can check market velocity with /stats and current discount offers with /offers. For a list of available brands we support on the platform, enter /brands at any time. If you do not have an account on Redeeem yet, create one using /signup prompt or website.

Join us on Telegram

You can subscribe to our Telegram channel @Redeeem for daily product and market updates and other special offers. If you have any suggestions for what we can add to the website, app or bot, please let us know.