Samsung opens Metaverse Store in Decentraland

The 837X virtual store is named after the flagship Samsung store in New York.

Samsung opens Metaverse Store in Decentraland

Samsung has unveiled a virtual store in Decentraland as part of its venture into the metaverse.

According to a press release from Samsung, the 837X virtual store is named after the flagship Samsung store in New York. It will be open for a limited amount of time from today.

You will be able to complete quests and earn rewards by entering the "experiential playground" in Decentraland.

A "journey through millions of trees" will mark the company's sustainability initiatives in the Sustainability Forest, and the Customization Stage will showcase news from Samsung's show at CES 2022.

At the latter, DJ Gamma Vibes from the physical 837 stores will host a live in-metaverse dance party, and NFT badge holders will enter a raffle to win Samsung-branded swag for their Decentraland avatars.

Michelle Crossan-Matos, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement accompanying the release, "The metaverse enables us to create unique virtual experiences that could not be achieved otherwise."

The company plans on taking 837X to other metaverse platforms following its launch in Decentraland.

Companies like Samsung have flocked to the metaverse, an avatar-based persistent virtual world.

Pepsi and Budweiser have begun purchasing NFTs, Nike has filed trademark applications for virtual goods, and Adidas has announced a collaboration with the metaverse platform The Sandbox.

It follows Facebook's late-2021 rebranding as Meta, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg declaring that the company is "moving from being first and foremost Facebook to being first and foremost the metaverse."

With regards to crypto and blockchain, Samsung has an advantage over its competitors; its Galaxy smartphones feature a blockchain wallet, the South Korean based company added hardware wallet support for cryptos last year, and just this week, Samsung announced support for NFTs on its 2022 line of smart TVs.