Started in 2018, Redeeem provides a fast, safe and easy way to buy and sell gift cards with bitcoin. We connect traders from all around the globe through a non-custodial wallet and peer-to-peer exchange. Our core differentiators at Redeeem next to other peer-to-peer exchanges are quality, transparency, and simplicity. We accomplish these aims by offering 1) higher quality of gift cards, 2) we make all our trade data public—including seller quality scores, gift card receipts, fraud data, and gift card trade history—and 3) we have a fast, safe and easy mobile and web user experience to safely buy, sell and hold gift cards. Today, we are excited to announce a move to decentralize our dispute process to solve disputes in under one hour. This decentralization will help us improve the quality of our gift cards and solve disputes faster and more fairly. We will be onboarding Judges in the coming weeks. Judges will be incentivizes to earn satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin) for watching and voting on buyer's Loom videos quickly and in consensus with other voters based on a set of rules. To qualify to be a judge, you do not need to have trading history in Redeeem or have any bitcoin in your wallet. You will need to verify your phone and email, confirm your identity, authorize RedeeemBot, and pass a short training session. Voting is handled 100% in Telegram. As a buyer, if you get an invalid, taken, or partially-used gift card, please request a refund on the Offers page. Gift card buyers have the refund period (1-6 hours) to request a refund, and gift card sellers have the dispute period (6 hours) to accept the refund or open a dispute. Loom videos can be deleted by buyers after the dispute has been resolved to protect buyer data. We do not guarantee one hour per dispute time, but we aim to make this our average. Over 97% of all sold cards on Redeeem are redeemed without issues, and the remaining 3% will be handled by our Judges.