As stablecoins pass $20 billion in market cap, Redeeem is pleased to announce support for US Dollar (USD) stablecoins to help traders control for volatility and protect their gift card profit margins. Only users with quality ratings over 90% and at least 10 trades will have the ability to create a US Dollar (USD) wallet on our new blockchain and conduct BTC/USD swaps. Stablecoin tokens will not be available for gift card trading or withdrawal, as they will be locked in a smart contract on Ethereum, secured by your Redeeem password and wallet keys (with 2fa security). This feature will give traders the opportunity to swap their bitcoin for stable tokens temporarily in order to protect their profit margins. Traders can deposit stablecoins such as Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), DAI (DAI) or True USD (TUSD) using our CoinPayments integration. The tokens convert to Bitcoin (BTC) automatically in your wallet, then you can swap your BTC for USD and hold stable dollars until you are ready to trade. With this last update, we also decreased mining fees from 0.0004 BTC (~$4.34) to 0.0003 BTC (~$3.25) to be more mindful of our unbanked population. All swaps and withdrawals will now cost 0.0003 BTC with the same 0% commission. Please note, while we are excited about Ethereum and stablecoins, users are still required to deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin (BTC). We do not support trading in USD or other currencies.

Create US Dollar (USD) Wallet