Redeeem released public anonymized rankings of its top traders, affiliates, and dispute judges today in an effort to increase transparency on the platform. Over $5 million in digital goods have been traded on Redeeem since 2018.

We will now reveal username, country, trades, volume, refunds, disputes, quality rating, and KYC status (yes/no) for our top traders, affiliates, and judges, but no personally identifiable information. Our goal is show new customers some of the many ways users are making money on our platform, as this will vary for everyone depending on their income and savings level, geography, technical ability, and access to discount gift cards and/or bitcoin.

Below are the three pages we added today:

Our Rankings page shows the top 100 traders on Redeeem by volume over the trailing two months (60 days). Traders in the top 100 on Redeeem will be listed in green with a star next to their name on all product pages.

Our Affiliates page shows rankings of the top 100 affiliates by earned rewards and total referrals. Earn 1% of trading volume for each friend you refer to Redeeem through our affiliate program. You can send referrals to the website or Telegram bot using the links on your Rewards page.

Our Judges page shows our top dispute judges (moderators) by earnings. Anyone can apply to be a Judge for Redeeem and earn 1,000 satoshi ($0.38) for each successful vote on a dispute case. No bank account required. You will need to confirm your identity, authorize RedeeemBot to receive evidence and submit votes, and pass a short training session.

As a bonus, you can also see a history of the most recent gift cards sold for every brand on the platform. Go to any Gift Card Brand page and click the Trades tab to see our order book for that brand. We show date, amount, price, discount, and the status of the gift card (valid, invalid, etc) for the most recent 30 trades; this will help you find better deals by using data from past trades.

We hope you find these dynamic leaderboards helpful. Please let us know if you find any bugs or have any other product suggestions. Go to our Crypto page to learn how to fund your Redeeem wallet.

Happy HODLing!