After a successful beta, Redeeem added a dynamic pricing feature yesterday to allow gift card rates to dynamically adjust over time so sellers can earn higher margins trading gift cards for bitcoin. To use the new feature, click the Create Offer button on any gift card brand page, then enable Dynamic Rate on the form and we will automatically reduce the rate on your offer by 1% every 1 hour until your gift card offer finds a buyer. We recommend choosing a higher base rate and a lower dynamic rate to help ensure you get the best price — this way the price will decrease over time (discount will increase). Disable dynamic pricing if you would like to sell at a fixed price. We offered this feature to our highest-quality sellers initially, and now it is available to all sellers on the platform. Please go to the Limits page to learn more about your trading limits. Users can now verify their identity with Persona within minutes to unlock higher trading limits and earn a better reputation on the platform. Please note, if you use the Batch Update feature on your offers, this will disable dynamic pricing. The price adjustments will occur approximately at the top of every hour so buyers can more easily anticipate the price drops. We hope you enjoy dynamic pricing!