Gerald Cotten—from Fall River, Nova Scotia—died in December 2018 in India, a few weeks before his 31st birthday, from a digestive infection. Gerald Cotten's death drew worldwide media attention in the crypto community for reportedly dying with the only keys to his cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX,  locking $171 million of investor funds, impacting over 76,000 customers. Ernst & Young, the trustee of QuadrigaCX, revealed the company only has $29.8 million in funds to distribute for claims, owing over $171 million. explaining the $141.2 million discrepancy between assets and liabilities. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) revealed in June that a majority of customer money was gone two years before Cotten died due to unsuccessful margin trades in Bitcoin and Ethereum, or spent by Cotten to fund travel and a lavish lifestyle. Lawyers representing users of the Canadian platform have asked police to exhume the body of its founder to have a forensics team make sure its really him.