Andrew Lee, CEO of Purse, said in an email to customers today that "Purse is here to stay," with an explanation of the volatile few months that led Purse to shut down temporarily back in April. "With crypto markets gravitating towards speculation, we didn’t want to build speculative use cases," he said. But there seemed to be an impasse at Purse in regards to whether or not the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) juggernauts needed use cases beyond HODLing. "If everyone just HODLs, bitcoin doesn’t need us to build use cases or continue protocol development," which led Lee to shut down the company. However, after announcing the closure, they received an outpouring of support from customers. "Countless people around the globe wrote to us saying that they couldn’t live without Purse because they’re unbanked. Others told us that when the Venezuelan supply chain collapsed, they survived because of Purse. While smaller than the speculative market, these messages helped us realize that there’s still a vibrant community that depends on using bitcoin as money," Lee said. He ended by referencing an "exciting roadmap" and doubled down on his commitment to customers. There are credible sources that claim Purse found a funding source back in April, and Lee claims they are going to try to buy out their investors. Lee is also a co-founder of Handshake with Joseph Poon (co-creator of the Lightning Network & Plasma), Christopher Jeffery (Creator of Bcoin & CTO of Purse), and Boyma Fahnbulleh (Bcoin developer). Handshake is building a decentralized certificate and authority system to replace the antiquated Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy.