According to political research website PredictIt, as of 5:30 PM Eastern (EST), the party most likely to win the Election is the Joe Biden and the Democrats at 89%, with odds of a Trump re-election falling to 11% odds. This has been a volatile two days on political prediction and futures sites, with big bets (mostly on Trump) being placed even before mail-in ballots started to be reported. Odds have flipped for the worse for Trump in many states he was winning prior on Tuesday's election night. Biden is now predicted to win Arizona at 81% confidence, Nevada at 93%, Georgia at 82%, Pennsylvania at 90%, Michigan at 94%, Wisconsin at 93%, and Arizona at 81%, according to PredictIt. On Odds Shark, Biden is predicted to win Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada, and win the total election with 310 electoral votes, above the 270 votes needed. Two nights ago, Barstool president Dave Portnoy posted a confident Instagram post saying, "Ok let let be the first guy to say, it's a done deal, Donald Trump is once again the President. I predicted it, I've been saying it for months, I know it's not official but it's a done deal," even before absentee ballot results had been reported in any swing state. He went on to talk about the Democrats and said, "it doesn't matter who you voted for." The next day, he apologized for his reckless early call, but he wasn't alone in his early judgement. Trump’s odds soared around 10:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday to -775 at Bovada, which had a win probability of 88.6% to capture his second term in office. The United States is still without a certain outcome election, but most of odds are pointed strongly to Biden again. Bitcoin is up 9.14% today.