Payments expert Faisal Khan interviews Ray Youssef, the CEO and co-founder of peer-to-peer exchange Paxful, on latest podcast episode of Around the Coin. He's a New York City native and has been a serial entrepreneur since 2001. Ray is a huge believer in the real-world changes that crypto and P2P finance can accomplish. He is a technology expert, crypto enthusiast, philanthropist, and more. Several years ago, Ray's IT startup had failed, his life savings was gone, and he was essentially homeless on the streets of New York. He met his fellow co-founder, Artur Schaback, in similar circumstances in need for cash. They both were trying to rebuild their lives and the idea for Paxful was born – a peer-to-peer marketplace that leveraged hundreds of types of money transfers with anyone, anywhere, at any time. A critical part of Paxful's mission is to empower the forgotten billions of unbanked, underbanked (and overbanked) around the world and allow them to have control of their money using peer-to-peer transactions instead of central banks and financial intermediaries. The company, founded in 2015, has over 4.5 million users globally and 12,000 vendors (sellers) who you can use to instantly buy and sell bitcoin (BTC) and now tether (USDT) for over 300 different payment methods. As part of their mission, Paxful also launched #BuiltWithBitcoin — a social initiative with the goal of building 100 schools funded entirely by bitcoin that aims to express the humanitarian capabilities of bitcoin and build schools and education resources across emerging markets. You can listen to the full episode on ATC website, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, or YouTube. Thanks for the insights, Ray!