“Parler has a right to exist,” says Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin after every major tech platform suspended Parler App, suggests that censorship-resistant protocols are the future of social media.

Parler's service providers accused the conservative social media app for helping facilitate violence incited by Trump supporters and other right-wing extremist groups. While few people are suggesting Vitalik is sympathizing with such causes, he is pointing to the delicacy of centralized social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram that rely on human moderators.

Members of the Ethereum community believe that Parler has the right to exist even if they are attracting right-wing extremist groups. Keep in mind, Ethereum is a censorship-resistant protocol, but that doesn't mean its exchanges can't moderate users' activity. Ethereum acts like the internet in its neutral stance on socio-political issues, but the companies using the technology will be held to a higher standard by their customers.

“The attempts at bringing down Parler are very worrying. Apple, Google, AWS are much more like common infrastructure providers than social media sites,” he tweeted after the mass suspensions. Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, “may actually have a role to play here,” he said.

It's understandable how a more censorship-resistant platform could be the future of social media, regardless if you agree with the decision to suspend Parler in the present moment in time. Jack Dorsey talks openly about Twitter's plans with the Blue Sky project which will create a decentralized version of Twitter's network and migrate their data into a more open exchange of content and ideas, which sounds similar to the Telegram API.

Web3 protocols, such as Tor and Ethereum are a good thing because they allow for "free information flow in shared, public infrastructure,” said Vitalik. You can read more about Parler on Decrypt or check out Ethereum 2.0.