Over $16 million worth of TRUMP tokens and $6 million of BIDEN tokens were traded on FTX yesterday, while FTX’s TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE tokens also drove an additional $10 million in combined volume. Ethereum-powered decentralized predictions platform Augur also saw significant action, reporting $8.6 million in total election volume, and $4.75 million in open interest. The Matic-powered decentralized prediction platform Polymarket also saw significant trade volume, posting $10 million. According to CoinGecko, the YTRUMP and NTRUMP tokens from Augur and Balancer-powered Catnip Exchange drove around $1.3 million in speculative action over the past 24 hours. In most cases, each token is redeemable for either $1 or $0 on the exchange after the election, based on whether Trump or Biden wins. Learn more about Trump 2020 and other President 2020 Contracts on FTX website. In a tweet, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin fielded two theories about the election-night volatility. First, markets were volatile due to the risk and uncertainty of election meddling, voter suppression, or even Florida-style recounts can add uncertainty into the electoral process. Second, whales will often try to influence the markets with big bets and counter bets to shake novice traders off their convictions.