NFTs on Ethereum help UNICEF connect schools to the internet

UNICEF's NFT collection is part of the organization's 75th anniversary celebration.

NFTs on Ethereum help UNICEF connect schools to the internet

As part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), UNICEF launched a collection of NFT tokens on Ethereum.

As a result of the January 2022 NFT launch–an exhibition by digital artist and data scientist Nadieh Bremer called "Patchwork Kingdoms"–UNICEF will be able to support many of its projects, including the Giga initiative to promote internet access for children around the world.

UNICEF and the UN's International Telecommunication Union announced the Giga Initiative in 2019 as a global project to connect every school to the Internet to provide children with web-based education and opportunities.

Together with the Ethereum Foundation, Metagood, and Snowcrash Labs, the Patchwork Kingdom collection contains 1,000 NFTs. UNICEF says that each NFT is painted using data collected from 282,000 schools worldwide in order to convey the significance of Giga.

Data from our open-source map is used to create each artwork by Nadieh Bremer. Every school will be connected to the internet with the help of collectors.”

Bremer's art contributes to that. She says she was inspired by Mary Blair's "It's a Small World" show to build sets and cities out of simple geometric shapes like triangles, squares, and circles.

"As a result of this visual, each school is represented as a square. These squares interlock to form Kingdoms in which connected schools are divided from those that are not."

The organization has been working with blockchain technology since before it launched the CryptoFund in 2019, which enables UNICEF to receive, hold, and distribute crypto assets.

A non-profit linked to crypto exchange Huobi Global, Huobi Charity Limited, donated $1 million to UNICEF in bitcoin and fiat, and donated 7 bitcoins to CryptoFund earlier this year.

UNICEF Innovation Fund has also been investing in blockchain for a much longer time, funding early-stage, open-source Web3 projects that will benefit children worldwide