Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of MicroStrategy,  revealed that he personally HODLs nearly 18,000 bitcoins, worth nearly $250 million, which he bought for an average price of $9,882. Saylor famously said,"Bitcoin's days are numbered" in a tweet back in December 2013, "It seems like just a matter of time before it suffers the same fate as online gambling." But we have the right to change our minds, especially after seven years. The company he founded more than three decades ago bought 38,250 bitcoin ($425 million) in two batches for an average price of about $11,000. This amount represents 0.18% of all bitcoin in circulation. Saylor then revealed his personal holdings in a tweet, "Some have asked how much BTC I own. I personally hodl 17,732 BTC, which I bought at $9,882 each on average. I informed MicroStrategy of these holdings before the company decided to buy Bitcoin for itself.”  MicroStrategy has earned $78 million in revenue in the last three and a half years, but if they were to sell their BTC holdings, their profit will be about $100 million in just two months. Michael Saylor claims the company will "hold Bitcoin for 100 years." He doesn't consider it a speculative bet, nor a hedge, "It is a deliberate corporate strategy to adopt the Bitcoin Standard,” he said. Microstrategy decided to restructure its treasury in response to recent global economic and political uncertainty, but after considering a variety of options with a long-term (100+ year) outlooks, Saylor decided Bitcoin was the only option. "Tax and fees killed almost all other assets," he concluded, and "those that aren’t killed are instead crippled because they are controlled by a CEO, government or country." He described BTC as a “hive of cybernetic hornets protected by a wall of encrypted energy” and believes it will get stronger, faster and more secure over time—similar to the internet. When looking at Ethereum as an alternative investment to Bitcoin, he said "it didn’t compare," saying Bitcoin is a "crypto-asset" while Ethereum is a "crypto-application", and pointed to Bitcoin's 90% market dominance as evidence of it being the clear winner. Saylor has no plans to sell, saying that he may sell some when it goes up by a factor of 100.