Make Bitcoin Great Again

In September, I decided to take a break from personal twitter in protest of the Breonna Taylor ruling. Today, I'm excited to return and Make Bitcoin Great Again.

Make Bitcoin Great Again

In September, I decided to take a break from personal twitter in protest of the Breonna Taylor ruling. I hated the growing divisiveness on Twitter and it was becoming too painful to consume so much hate and misinformation on a daily basis. Instead, I focused my energy on getting people to vote.

I started a personal Substack leading up to the election then shifted the tone of our entire Redeeem blog to be more political post-election. My goal was to use our small but growing crypto audience to speak up against the growing social injustices in America and around the world and make 1 satoshi of a difference. We continued posting daily crypto news to Telegram, adding spice in the artwork to convey our team's unbiased options on the news. We lost some followers in the first few weeks, as many expressed their annoyance with the socio-political lean, but we kept posting. Slowly, we began to build a more passionate audience.

Our Newsletter has grown to over 20,000 subscribers, our Crypto List to 37,000 followers, and our Twitter Group to 1,240 followers since September. It's totally possible to grow a business without being neutral on important social and political issues that impact future generations—like Black Lives Matter, climate change, and the regulation of bitcoin as we decentralize money.

I chose today to come back to Twitter because our country has elected Joe Biden as our next President and Kamala Harris as our first female and black female Vice President in history, Twitter has suspended President Trump's account and deplaformed MAGA after the attack on the Capitol last week, and Trump faces a second impeachment vote.

We have to heal from our wounds as a country, and it starts by tearing down the walls of oppressive establishments. A Confederate flag, one of the biggest symbols of the white supremacy movement, was waltzed through the halls of Congress buildings last Wednesday while a noose hung in front of the U.S. Capitol. This is America, in case anyone needed a wake-up call.

I love sharing ideas, learning, and debating with smart people on Twitter. But I also enjoy sharing stories, articles and ideas that help promote greater equity, justice and financial security for underrepresented groups of people. That starts with raising the ceiling of opportunity for black people in America.

At the moment, I'm obsessed with bitcoin. In 2018 I started Redeeem as a fast, safe and easy way to buy and sell digital goods for bitcoin. Gift cards seemed to be our most popular product (with the highest rates of fraud) so we made that our niche to use technology to clean up gift card trading. Today, our non-custodial wallets are used by thousands of unbanked users around the world to trade gift cards at up to 15% discount and build their wealth. Over one-third of all our users are in Africa and Latin America where poverty and inflation is highest.

We as a people get to decide if we want our next global reserve currency will be centralized or decentralized, be paper or digital, be owned by the government or its people, have infinite supply or fixed supply, rely on politics or mathematics, and be controlled by few or many. Bitcoin hasn't even reached 2% the value of gold in market cap and global cryptocurrencies are already valued at $1 trillion. MAGA is over, now it's time to Make Bitcoin Great Again.

By God's grace, I will live through one of the greatest transfers of wealth in modern human history, and we will build a more fair and equitable global reserve currency that is owned by the people.