More than 7 million people across 90,000 companies choose Loom to record, annotate and share video messages of their screens and cameras, and Redeeem uses it in a very unique way to prevent gift card fraud.

Redeeem is a faster, safer and easier way to trade bitcoin peer-to-peer. By using cryptocurrencies, we eliminate the risk of credit card chargebacks, and Redeeem never holds custody over your funds.

Trading is completely automated at Redeeem so you never have to enter an intimidating chat room. Instead, buyers are asked to download the Loom app for Mac, Windows, iOS or Chrome. The native apps for Mac and Windows have drawing tools, custom sizing, and HD recording, while the Chrome extension can be launched from any Chrome or Brave browser.

Gift Card Buyers

Gift card buyers on Redeeem are required to record their screen with Loom software tool before they request the gift card code in order to qualify for refunds. Any Loom video that appears edited, paused, tampered with, excessively delayed, shows glitches in the timestamps, or is uploaded to YouTube or any domain other than will be refused.

If you get an invalid, taken, or partially-used gift card, please request a refund on the Offers page within the refund period (1-6 hours). Buyers can delete or archive each Loom screen recording if the gift card code was redeemed successfully — like an insurance policy for each order.

Gift Card Sellers

Gift card sellers on Redeeem have the dispute period (4-6 hours) to accept the refund request or open a dispute. Disputes are handled by our network of decentralized dispute judges who help us solve trade disputes quickly, fairly, and in a more transparent manner. Redeeem has already paid out hundreds of dollars in bitcoin to judges (sign up today).

Sellers are charged a small fee for selling invalid, taken, or partially-used gift cards, and too many disputes hurst reputation scores on the platform and hurts their chances of selling cards in the future.

Loom Company

Loom was founded in September 2016 by Joe Thomas, Shahed Khan and Vinay Hiremath in San Francisco. They raised $74 million to date, with $28 million Series B round from Coatue and Sequoia Capital on May 28, 2020. Check out Loom on Twitter for more information.