Redeeem Adds Oauth and Crypto Integrations to Telegram

Here are five features we added recently to RedeeemBot to embrace the open, free, decentralized nature of Telegram.

Redeeem Adds Oauth and Crypto Integrations to Telegram

In a recent announcement, Telegram founder/CEO Pavel Durov ended a public multi-year legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over  Telegram’s TON blockchain project and Grams cryptocurrency, ending by "wishing luck" to decentralized projects that can bring "balance" and "equity" to the world. Telegram had been developing their new protocol for over 2.5 years with the backing of $1.7 billion from investors — raised through an initial coin offering (ICO) in early 2018. The SEC lawsuits were too much to handle, and effectively forced Telegram's active involvement in crypto.

However, Telegram still has over 200 million active monthly users. On March 28, as cases of COVID-19 were peaking, Telegram reported 700,000 new users had signed up for Telegram each day in the last week of that month, their best week of signups ever. The encrypted messaging company is still rapidly growing.

The news opened up the doors for a plethora of other blockchain projects to emerge who can leverage the Bot API, Payments API, Games API, and other useful SDKs. It’s free, fast, lightweight, heavily encrypted, cloud-based, financially stable, and there are plenty of great features to improve the trading of digital goods.

We have a strong product focus on Telegram here at Redeeem and we will continue to embrace the open, free, decentralized nature of the platform. Here are five few features we added recently to our RedeeemBot on Telegram.

1. Login With Telegram

You must Login on RedeeemBot before using Telegram to login.

The fastest way to login to Redeeem is now through Telegram! You must first click the Login command to authenticate bot one time in order to use Telegram oauth login system going forward. This will save you from entering email, password and double auth code. If you allow the login, you'll be logged in to the app by the time the page loads in the browser.

2. Configure Brand Alerts

Receive alerts by brand in Telegram.

We  encourage users to set up custom Brand Alerts in web app to get notified about the best deals. Adjust your settings to set a preferred channel to receive text alerts on Telegram (recommended) or WhatsApp.

3. Buy Credits with Cryptocurrencies

Buy credits with Bitcoin or 30+ other cryptocurrencies.

Top up your Credits with Bitcoin or 30+ other cryptocurrencies using RedeeemPay (Bitcoin) or CoinPayments (altcoins). Access your RedeeemPay wallet address and send Bitcoin without opening the web app.

4. Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Use the buttons to select a brand or enter custom text.

RedeeemBot is the most powerful bot on the market for uploading gift cards quickly and earning bitcoin payouts. Set your amount, rate, refund period, upload the receipt and card image, choose instant or delayed delivery, and confirm our terms of service. You will receive alerts right in Telegram when it sells.

5. Check Wallet Balances

Check your Credits, Earnings and Bitcoin wallet balances right from Telegram, as well as pending Rewards as an affiliate. You can adjust your preferred currency for payouts as Credits or Bitcoin right from the bot.

More Coming Soon!

We have more Telegram features and integrations on the way — including new gateways to buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies, advanced fraud features, and better pricing notifications. Get started by clicking Login on RedeeemBot and save 20% or more on discount gift cards and digital goods. Sellers earn Bitcoin fast, safe and easy with the fastest payouts and lowest risk of fraud in the industry. If you need an account, create one and get a free Bitcoin wallet.