John McAfee, the English-American software developer and founder of McAfee Antivirus software, has been accused by U.S. authorities of tax evasion and faces up to 30 years in prison and $1.75 million in fines. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint in the Southern District of New York against McAfee on Monday, and McAfee was arrested in Spain boarding a flight with a British passport headed to Istanbul the same day. The SEC is currently working with the Spanish government to negotiate his extradition to America. McAfee allegedly failed to file his taxes for over four years despite earning $23 million in income between 2014 and 2018 from promoting various cryptocurrencies, ICOs, consulting work, public speaking, selling his rights for a documentary, and other jobs. Mcafee founded McAfee LLC in 1987 and sold it to Intel for $7.68 billion in 2010 but claims he has "no assets" today. McAfee has been named in over 37 lawsuits over the last decade, but has not cooperated in any of the cases. "They have all been frivolous," he said. In 2012, McAfee fled Belize after being investigated as a "person of interest" by local police for the death of his neighbor and friend, a Florida businessman named Gregory Faull. Mcafee admitted in a tweet that he has not paid taxes in over eight years, and "taxation is illegal".

NPR (Oct 7, 2020)