Today we are exited to announce a new feature for buyers and sellers we are referring to as "delayed delivery". Sellers are no longer required to upload complete gift card details at the time of creating an order—including the gift card code, receipt or card image. Instead, they can choose between "instant delivery" and "delayed delivery" depending on whether or not they  have the gift card already in hand, and upload the card details after the buyer has bought the card.

Our aim is to help increase card volume and reduce risk to sellers who don't want to buy cards before they have a buyer and guaranteed funds in escrow. This article will explain the delayed delivery feature in a little more detail so you safely trade Amazon, Walmart, eBay, iTunes, VISA, Best Buy, Whole Foods, and dozens of other gift card brands at the highest profits.

1. Seller Creates an Order

The seller will create an order on the Sell Cards page. Choose "delayed delivery" on the order form and set a delivery period from 2 to 24 hours. Delivery period is the amount of hours you have to upload the card details after it is sold. The faster the delivery period, the more likely the buyer is to buy the card.

Choose "delayed delivery" on the Create Order page.

If the seller chooses delayed delivery, they will also have the option to choose whether or not a receipt and card image is expected to be uploaded with the gift card code. You can toggle these settings "yes" or "no" accordingly.

Do you expect to have a receipt or card image?

2. Buyer Buys the Card

The buyer is shown on the Products page whether not not a receipt and card image is expected to be uploaded on the order. Orders with delayed delivery will have a delivery period shown in gold color. Orders with instant delivery will have "instant" written instead of the delivery period.

Instant delivery cards will say "instant".

Once the buyer buys the card, the seller has 2 to 24 hours to deliver the gift card code and gift card image (optional) or the order will be canceled and the buyer will be refunded the full amount of Credits. The seller can choose both the delivery period and the cooling period for every order.

Seller has up to 24 hours to deliver the card after it's sold.

3. Seller Delivers the Card

The buyer has between 15 minutes to 4 hours (depending on what the seller selected) to claim the code and report any issues in the app, then the trade will be closed. We recommend 30 minutes or longer so the buyers have ample time to claim the code if they are away from their phone or computer. If the buyer does not claim the code within the cooling period, the seller will still be paid. It's important for the buyer to read and understand the terms of the trade, as the buyer is responsible to report any issues with the gift card during the trading window.

Buyer must report any issues during the "cooling off" trade window.

4. Buyer Reports any Issues

In the event the card is taken or invalid, the buyer can request a refund in the app by uploading a video or screenshot with a brief description of the problem. To help solve disputes faster (especially with Amazon), we encourage buyers to record their claim attempts using Loom browser extension (Chrome), Screen Recording (iOS) or AZ Screen Recorder (Android). Sellers can then file a dispute within 1 hour of the refund and our support team will attempt to resolve the dispute within 24 hours. Thankfully, less than 1% of all our trades end in disputes!

We recommend buyers record their gift card attempts for increased trust.

As always, we welcome any feedback for this new feature. Please be mindful of the difference between "delayed delivery" and "instant delivery" when buying or selling discount gift cards on Redeeem. We hope this feature can help sellers increase daily trade volume and reduce risk of buying cards and not finding a buyer, however the cards with instant delivery will usually sell fastest.

To sell your first gift card, click here.