Gucci enters The Sandbox Metaverse

The luxury fashion brand recently acquired a large amount of virtual land on the decentralized blockchain game.

Gucci enters The Sandbox Metaverse

Luxury fashion brand Gucci is stepping up its efforts in the metaverse. The clothing company recently acquired a large amount of virtual land on The Sandbox, the decentralized blockchain game.

On The Sandbox, Gucci will create themed adventures inspired by the Gucci Vault, which offers items such as vintage bags and Gucci-themed NFTs.

Sandbox users can also purchase and wear Gucci fashion items in the virtual reality of the game in addition to a fashion-focused metaverse space.

Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said in a statement that virtual fashion is as important as real-life fashion to a new generation of players.

The licensing of Gucci products for virtual wear is not the first time to release an official clothing collection in December 2020, it partnered with two Roblox developers.

The Gucci Garden Experience has also been created on Roblox. Many of the Roblox items that were scalped and resold were comparable to those of actual Gucci bags, with prices in the thousands of dollars. Unlike Sandbox, Roblox is not a crypto-centric platform.

SAND tokens are used to purchase items and land within the game, and the game itself is built on the Ethereum network.

The Sandbox has no problem charging wild prices for virtual things, with buyers scooping up tens of thousands of dollars worth of virtual real estate near celebrities' digital lands.

As the first luxury brand to release an NFT–a token used to demonstrate ownership of digital goods–Gucci has made a name for itself in crypto.

The brand continues to invest in decentralized platforms and assets, and there are no signs that it will slow down in its pursuit of Web3 access.