Fox Entertainment gives away ‘Masked Singer’ NFTs

The media company unveiled a series of NFTs based on the hit singing competition.

Fox Entertainment gives away ‘Masked Singer’ NFTs

In what is arguably Fox Entertainment's biggest announcement of this year, the company unveiled a series of NFTs based on the hit singing competition, The Masked Singer. Fox has given away 20,000 NFTs within a day of its first airdrop.

NFTs are handled by Fox's new Blockchain Creative Labs division, which has invested $100 million. On Wednesday, fans reportedly claimed ten thousand "Miss Masky" NFTs in the "MaskVerse" collection. They were so popular that Fox gave away 10,000 more on Thursday.

The Masked Singer collectibles come in ERC-721 and 1155 forms and feature characters from the series. They are issued on the blockchain. The NFTs were exchanged for registering a digital wallet on

The Masked Singer Marketplace will be available to fans in the coming days, so they will be able to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. A partner of Blockchain Creative Labs and a token-gate provider, Collab.Land will manage Discord servers for Fox to help grow the burgeoning crypto community.

A blockchain-curated animated series starring NFT collectibles, Krapopolis, will be released on Fox along with the Masked Singer NFT launch.

Masked Singer NFT Packs will continue to be released by The MaskVerse while exploring more ways to monetize using crypto.

Collectors and fans can play a game in November by correctly guessing which Masked Singer characters will be eliminated at the end of the series.

This series has maintained its popularity in the ratings since its debut in January 2019, closing out September with 4.37 million viewers according to