Started in 2018, Redeeem provides a fast, safe and easy way to buy and sell gift cards with bitcoin. We connect traders from all around the globe through a self-custodial wallet and peer-to-peer exchange with no banks, no borders, and a trustless escrow process. Here are five (5) new features added to our peer-to-peer exchange, Redeeem, in December to make it easier for people to buy, sell, and trade gift cards for bitcoin. First, we removed CoinPayments as a payment method and replaced it permanently with Changelly — where you can swap altcoins like ether, BCH, XRP, and DASH for BTC without KYC and send it to your Redeeem Wallet. We also added a Crypto page where you can see a list of recommended crypto exchanges to buy BTC or exchange altcoins. Second, we now allow sellers to require the IP address of their buyers to match the country where the gift card was issued when they Create a new gift card. Sellers might enable this optional setting to block buyers outside a certain region for big gift card amounts, and reduce risk of fraud. Third, users can apply to be a Judge for Redeeem and earn up to 1,000 satoshi ($0.19) for watching Loom video recordings and voting with the consensus majority on each case. To qualify to be a judge, you will need to verify your phone and email, confirm your identity, start RedeeemBot, and pass a short training session. Fourth, we added Bulk Edit and Clone features to the Offers page to make it easier for sellers to bulk edit the rate of their open offers faster without waiting for a page load or create many variants of the same card type repeatedly (like 8 x $25). Fifth, swap your Bitcoin (BTC) for stablecoins (USDC) on the Wallet page to protect yourself from market volatility. It's not on our product roadmap to support deposits or withdrawals in any other currency than bitcoin, mainly due to security concerns of Ethereum, but we allow you to hold USD temporarily. The cost is 0.0003 BTC ($5.80) per swap. We hope you enjoy all the updates!