Crypto analytics firm Glassnode revealed that Ethereum miners globally made a total of $166 million from transaction fees in September—the highest ever. This is an increase of 47% compared to the previous record high in August. Profitability of Ether miners has surged on higher fees and increased amount of transactions. In fact, Ethereum’s network hash rate has been growing exponentially, recently reaching a two year high. However, Ethereum has been having constant issues with high transaction fees (and congestion) since the rise of defi tokens. Recently, the network raised the limit of maximum gas per block from 10,000,000 gases to 12,500,000 gases, but it is not the only network whose fees have been rising. As mining difficulty increases with every new block, so does the cost of electricity for the hardware and software used to get necessary computing power. The value of ETH in recent months has gained exponentially and will most likely continue, making mining even more profitable. Ethereum is currently trading in the $352 range, down from its high of $480 in September.