According to the Guardian, a further rise in Tesla's share price pushes Elon Musk past Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates as world's second-richest man, as Musk makes promises about the Cybertruck and a wider beta of Autopilot capabilities in 2021. Musk has seen his personal fortune increase by over $100 billion so far this year as investors worldwide rush to buy Tesla cars and Tesla shares. Globally, Tesla's vehicle deliveries reached between 367,000 and 368,000 units in 2019, making Tesla the leading producer of plug-in electric vehicles. Tesla's Model 3 has become the world's best-selling all-electric vehicle model, helping the world reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Tesla has a market value of $517 billion, and Musk owns 20% of Tesla’s shares. Musk saw his wealth jump by $7.2 billion to $128 billion on Tuesday, overtaking Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos remains the world’s richest man, according to Bloomberg. Many analysts believe Tesla shares will continue to climb higher as governments—including the U.S. and the U.K.—will make climate change a priority in the next decade and set more strict policies to discourage customers buying gas-powered vehicles. Shares for competitors like Nikola increased over 11% this year after a deal with GM, as investors try desperately to find the next Tesla. Musk said on Twitter the Full Self Driving mode (Autopilot) will be available within ~2 weeks. The Boring Company already got the green light from regulators in Las Vegas to launch as early as 2021 after the pending completion of their $52.5 million tunnel, stretching two miles from one side of Las Vegas complex to the other. Musk says about the new tunnel system, "you'll see what it's like. It's amazing. It's clearly going to work." On May 6, Musk and singer Grimes confirmed they named their baby son "X Æ A-12." What a busy year for Musk.