Buyer Screen Recordings Improve Trust and Safety

Use Loom to screen-record your trades, and protect yourself when trading gift cards in Redeeem.

Buyer Screen Recordings Improve Trust and Safety

The mission at Redeeem is to make gift card trading as fast, simple, and safe as possible. We've been in business well over a year now, and we've made huge improvements to the safety of the trading experience with our fraud detection software, our disputes process, and the trust scores.

Now Redeeem is offering an extra layer of trust into the buying experience by integrating screen-recording into the buying experience by asking buyers to record their screen prior to purchasing a card. In most cases, the cards are good and the buyer can delete the recording.

However, when a card is bad the buyer can now use that screen recording as evidence in the case of a trade dispute with a seller.

In the last week, we've offered Loom as an official free option for screen recording, and the response has been fantastic, it's very easy to use, buyers love having the extra security and sellers love to be certain that this was a legitimate error.

For more details on how to use Loom screen-recordings to win disputes and gain a better reputation on the platform, click here.