According to CoinDesk, the U.S. has $4.9 trillion physical notes, coins, and bank deposits at the Federal Reserve, meaning Bitcoin price would have to surpass $263,000, or grow a whopping 3,633%, to pass the mighty greenback. But Bitcoin has already passed the monetary supply of some major global currencies, such as the Russian ruble (RUB), and will pass the Canadian dollar (CAD) once Bitcoin can conquer $18,000. As Bitcoin blasted through the $14,000 ceiling, its market capitalization surpassed the monetary base of the Russian ruble, including both physical currency and central bank reserves, and at $18,000 it will pass the entire monetary supply of Canadian dollar at $324 billion. According to CryptoVoices, this passing of the Russian ruble at $14k puts Bitcoin in the top-10 of global fiat currencies, not counting gold or silver. If Bitcoin’s market cap is compared to publicly-traded companies in the U.S., it would match the 18th biggest company and be more valuable than Netflix, PayPal, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Disney, and Verizon. Bitcoin will pass India at $23,000, Silver at $38,000, Switzerland at $42,000, and the U.K. at $57,000.