After breaking $13,000 last week, Bitcoin sharply spiked to $14,000 after the election and passed $150,000 a few hours later, trading at $15,600 at the time of writing. Bitcoin has been fueled in recent months by unprecedented stimulus from central banks and governments during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the U.S. presidential uncertainty, Bitcoin climbed above $15,000 on Thursday, hitting levels not seen since January 2018. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has been blocked by his own party in talks with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus package, worried it might interfere with Trump's Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett. Despite its volatility, bitcoin is up 15.59% the past week, 44.42% the past month, and 57.2% the past 6 months. At the peak of coronavirus lockdowns, bitcoin fell from $9,105 on March 7 to to $4,887 on March 16, a drop of 46.32% in less than a week. With all eyes on the election, Bitcoin is having one of the quietest bull runs ever.