Joe Biden, the former vice president for Barack Obama, and California senator Kamala Harris have won a bloody fight for the presidency after CNN projected Pennsylvania to go to Joe Biden. Democrats failed to secure the landslide victory some had hoped for, and Biden's win did not come until three days after Election Day voting began, but beating Donald Trump's MAGA train at the polls is no small feat in 2020 America. The U.S. has been methodically counting absentee ballots across the nation because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the wait looks to be over. The turning point in the election came Saturday when Biden won his native state of Pennsylvania, one of a trio of northern states Democrats lost in 2016 and one of the biggest Electoral College prizes with 20 votes. According to AP, over 102 million people cast their ballots before Election Day, doubling totals from 2016 and reaching 73% of 2016 election totals. Biden received more votes than any U.S. presidential candidate in history  — a record 74.4 million, and counting. Senator Kamala Harris has also made history as the first black person and first person of South Asian descent to hold the VP office. Biden also becomes the oldest president-elect of the United States, turning 78-year-old in November.