A photograph of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taken the internet by storm in a meme-inspired phenomenon. Bitcoin recovers slightly after a painful Inauguration week.

Photographer Brendan Smialowski snapped a now-iconic shot of the senator from Vermont bundled up, bemittened, masked and socially distanced, with his legs and arms crossed, in a comfortable and satisfied slouch.

His unbothered demeanor stood in stark contrast with the other former Presidents, U.S. politicians and celebrities dressed up in their suits and designer clothes for the Inauguration of President Joe Biden.

“I think he’s probably perfectly comfortable coming out there, sitting alone, holding his papers and then going back in to do the rest of his day,” said Brendan Smialowski to Rolling Stones. Even NASA joined in on the fun.

Dressed like he was just stopping by a barbecue and then running errands, the Sanders now-famous unbothered look while seated and socially distanced has inspired copy & paste greatness by Reddit, Twitter, and beyond. The photo has been juxtaposed to show Bernie bundled up in a modest nondescript jacket and mittens in front of everything from The Wire to Star Wars.

Bernie's campaign has turned the viral photo of him bundled up at Joe Biden’s inauguration into a new sweatshirt, with all proceeds going to charity.

How Sanders is positioned sitting in the stands made it just too easy to clip, copy and paste him in front of everything. We decided to send Bitcoin to the moon in honor of the Bitcoin's most recent price discount.

Bitcoin dipped from a high of nearly $42,000 on January 8, before the inauguration, to a low of $29,000 on January 21, a decline of more than 30% in less than a week; it is trading at $33,000 at time of writing. Bitcoin is still up 30% over the past month and 153% over the past three months.