On October 17, a five-piece digital art collection of Batman sold for 540 ETH (about $200,000) on NFT marketplace Makersplace. The most expensive of the five pieces was Genesis, selling for 302 ETH ($113,000), and was created by artists Trevor Jones and José Delbo. Jones said he first received the sketch from Delbo and reproduced it with oil on a blank canvas to create a "painterly piece" with visible brush marks and a nostalgic feel of the 1980’s Batman superhero comic book. You can view the digital proof of authenticity here. There are many other NFT marketplaces like Matersplace, such as OpenSea, Rarible, Kogs, Lynx, Nifty, Sandbox, Sorare, Superrare,  AxieInfinity, and CryptoPunks, but this was the most expensive price for non-fungible art collection on any marketplace. The buyer of the artwork goes by Maxstealth and has chosen to remain anonymous, even on other social platforms like Twitter. He/she/they already spent over $55,000 on another Batman piece called Who is the Creator 2 and you can see all 20 of their NFT artwork collections on their profile. While Genesis marks the most expensive piece of crypto artwork to date in US Dollars, the previous record was set by artist Matt Kane who sold a dynamically changing NFT piece called Right Place & Right to buyer TokenAngels for 262 ETH ($101,000 at the time) on Async Art, and the artwork changes daily with bitcoin price volatility. According to nonfungible.com, over 4.9 million NFT sales have taken place since 2017 with combined value of $131 million, and an average purchase price of $26.67.