Over the past few weeks, our engineering team has been working hard on a side project to release our Chrome Browser Extension in beta to improve the overall trading experience for Redeeem users. While this app is useful to both buyers and sellers, this extension has been a frequent request from buyers. I’m happy to announce that you can now download it for free right from GitHub. We will release it in the Chrome Web Store once we get some initial feedback.

This extension is very simple but powerful. It shows static and visual data from the public Redeeem API as well as other open source APIs such as CoinMarketCap, NewsAPI and a few others. You can check real time gift card inventory, market rates, sales velocity, Bitcoin price, crypto news from the blog and more. We will be adding capabilities over time, but this is a slick and useful app in its current form. Ultimately, we built a browser extension that we personally would want to use every day, and we made it free for our users.

1. Download Extension

Download the Chrome Browser Extension from our GitHub page. Unzip the folder and save it to your desktop or Documents folder.

2. Add Extension to Chrome

Click "Add to Chrome" then go to the Extensions page in your Settings to make sure it downloaded correctly. This should be the same for Chrome, Brave and all other Chromium-based web browsers.

3. Open Extension

Click the Redeeem icon in the menu bar and enjoy. You can navigate through the pages by clicking the tabs at the top of the app. As of today, there is no login state or sensitive user information sent to the extension. It uses just the information available on our public API endpoints.

Click the Redeeem icon in the Chrome menu bar and navigate the tabs.

For security, we do not request any permissions or collect any data about your browsing experience. You can hide the app from the menu at any time by right-clicking the icon — without disabling or deleting it entirely.