Announcing a New Fraud Prevention Initiative

We implemented a number of new security rules to help protect users on our platform — including video recording and encryption.

Announcing a New Fraud Prevention Initiative

Dear Sellers! You asked. We listened. We appreciate you.

Our team has been obsessing about solving fraud in the gift card trading industry since our inception 2 years ago. But over the last 3 months especially we've been working double-time to build tools to help sellers trade faster and safer. Today we announced our most comprehensive set of new products that will move us closer to our goal of eliminating fraud on our platform completely.

Launched Recently

  • Encryption on all sensitive gift card information.
  • Tighter suspension rules for buyers suspected of fraud.
  • Loom video is required from buyers to win in the dispute process. Screen recording are a highly effective method for establishing trust. screen recording
  • Faster buyer/seller alerts instead of waiting for up to an hour for SMS or WhatsApp text. Our system will send out alerts immediately when they meet your preference.
  • Buyer demand statistics available for sellers to see how many buyers are active, average rates, time to sell, and current velocity.
  • Faster dispute resolution for sellers when the buyer does not provide sufficient evidence, the trust scores will be used, allowing us to make faster decisions.
  • Improved fraud detection software to monitor IP addresses, locations, sessions, and many other important proprietary factors.

Coming Soon

  • WhatsApp chat support so we can offer the same great support, but on your favorite chat app. Upload cards, get answers, and never leave WhatsApp.
  • Your feature request if you send it to us, we will consider it.

It's our goal to build a great, stable place for you to trade. If you have any other suggestions about how to make trading faster, safer or easier, be sure to let us know! To start selling gift cards on Redeeem, click here.