Akon City, the $6 billion city inspired by Wakanda from Black Panther that will be run on a cryptocurrency called Akoin, will break ground in 2021. The vision for the city was created by Akon, the Senegalese-American singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In November 2019, Akon did a video interview with CNN where he explained that cryptocurrencies like Akoin will allow Africans to become more independent from their governments and other countries. "We want to be able to kill corruption through blockchain," he said. Over 80% of Senegal's 16.2 million people have access to a smartphone, so unlike other cryptocurrencies tied to stable fiat currencies, Akoin is tied to cellphone minutes and relies on the use of smartphones. According to its website, Akon City was designed by a Dubai-based architect and will be primarily solar-powered with healthcare facilities, luxury residential and commercial buildings, shopping malls, glass skyscrapers, and eco-friendly tourist centers all within 15 minutes from a new international airport. The 2,000 acres of land was gifted to Akon by Senegalese President Macky Sall to encourage him to build Akon City in Mbodienne, a beautiful city on the western border of Senegal. Construction will begin in 2021 and will take about three years.

CNN (Sept 2, 2020)