12 Best Crypto Bloggers

This guide looks at the 12 best crypto bloggers in no order of priority.

12 Best Crypto Bloggers

Chances are you already have the go-to crypto blogs that you read occasionally. But do you know the people behind the informative pieces that you read? Here is our list of the twelve best crypto bloggers.

Sylvain Saurel

Sylvain Saurel is one of the top crypto bloggers on Medium. He is also the author of In Bitcoin We Trust, “a place where Bitcoin believers share their ideas about the upcoming revolution.”

Some of his articles include:

·  ‘Greed is the number one enemy in the Bitcoin world’

·  ‘The uncomfortable truth about Bitcoin as a means of payment that you must absolutely hear now’

·  ‘99 percent of people don’t follow these four money rules – and that keeps them in poverty’

Why should you follow Saurel?

· He publishes new articles often

· You can learn a lot from him. Saurel appears to have taken his time to understand Bitcoin

· He follows crypto closely

· You will get crypto tidbits from a candid writer

Quote: “If you want to get seriously involved in the Bitcoin world, then you need to realize that greed is the number one enemy you will have to fight every day.”

Mark Helfman

Mark Helfman is another prolific crypto blogger that contributes to his blog, Substack, and Medium.

Helfman has also written two books: ‘Consensusland: A Cryptocurrency Utopia’ and ‘Bitcoin or Bust: Wall Street’s Entry Into Cryptocurrency’

Make a point to read these topics:

· ‘It’s official: Facebook’s Libra is boring’

· ‘Prepare for crypto early adopters (They’re not who you expect)’

· ‘Why cryptocurrency doesn’t need to compete with government money’

Why follow Helfman?

· His opinion on crypto matters is interesting and worth reading

· He is a crypto enthusiast

· His writing style is honest

· You will learn a thing or two

Quote: “Libra no longer represents a game-changing, paradigm-shifting effort that will challenge long-held notions of privacy and monetary sovereignty. Now, it’s just another way for a centralized entity to move money from one customer to another.”

Ameer Rosic

You have probably come across Ameer Rosic’s introductory guides on crypto and blockchain technology. His articles are in-depth and well-researched. If you are looking for information about smart contracts, for instance, you will probably not need to look elsewhere once you come across his guide.

Rosic contributes to Blockgeeks. Also, he hosts a podcast, Ameer Approved. You can find the podcast episodes on his YouTube channel.

You can learn a lot from these topics:

· ‘What is cryptocurrency?’

· ‘Decentralized banking shaping the financial system of the future – Ethereum, RSK & RIF’

· ‘What is Bitcoin? [The most comprehensive step-by-step guide]’

Why follow Rosic?

· To read his informative articles

· If you are a beginner in the crypto world, you will learn a lot from his introductory guides

· To stay up to date with his latest podcasts

Quote: “Blockchains have their problems, but they are rated, undeniably, faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional systems, which is why banks and governments are turning to them.”

Jason Deane

Jason Deane is one of the top crypto writers on Medium. Also, he is the author of ‘How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Mum’ and ‘Money: Yours, Mine or Ours?’ His books are available on Amazon.

Want to read Deane’s articles? Start with these:

· ‘No, Bitcoin is not deflationary’

· ‘Why are Bitcoin fees increasing?’

· ‘How many people actually use Bitcoin in 2020?’

Why follow Deane?

· If you want to read fun but enlightening articles

· He is a crypto enthusiast

· He knows his stuff

· If you are keen to find out which webinars he is involved in

Quote: “I can’t help but be an optimist and an idealist in many aspects of life – the thought that crypto really could make the difference in the [developing world] is a real buzz for me.”

Roger Huang

Roger Huang is a cryptocurrency writer on Forbes. Also, he is a blockchain aficionado, with several mini projects in his repertoire.

Here are some of his pieces:

· ‘Cryptocurrency is strengthened by space exploration’

· ‘China will use its digital currency to compete with the USD’

· ‘Bitcoin is not like gold’

Why follow Huang?

· To read his educational content

· He is passionate about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Quote: “It’s true that Bitcoin on the face of it seems to have some commonalities with gold, especially from a speculator’s lens. When you scratch the surface, however, you find that those shallow commonalities mask deep, fundamental differences — which should nuance any comparison.”

Jamie Redman

Jamie Redman is a crypto writer on Bitcoin.com and a crypto meme designer. Also, Redman is a Bitcoin agorist.

Some of his best work is listed below:

· ‘Bamboozled: Gavin Andresen says he could have been fooled by Craig Wright, BSV supporters speak out’

· ‘Meet Mistcoin – The first mineable SLP token implementation launched on Bitcoin Cash’

· ‘Bolstering separation of money and state following the 244th Independence Day’

Reasons to follow Redman

· To read his current crypto news articles

· He is a crypto fan

· To view his memes

Quote: “These crypto squabbles are super boring and deter our forward movements.”

Portia Burton

Portia Burton is a blockchain developer and a Bitcoin hobbyist. She founded the blog, Blockchain Explainer where she contributed a few articles. Also, she has contributed articles to Medium.

Here are links to some of her published work:

· ‘Mastering blockchain hackathons’

· ‘What is a Dapp?’

· ‘Blockchain insider: Desiree Dickerson’

Why follow Burton?

· Because she is a crypto and blockchain fan

· To get her insights on coding

Quote: “When I’m prototyping, I look for the technology that has the best docs and tutorials.”

Pete Rizzo

Pete Rizzo is an Editor at KrakenFX and was previously the Editor-in-Chief at Coindesk. Below are some of his best pieces:

· ‘The unbelievable brilliance of Binance’

· ‘This crypto vending machine can tell if you’re 21 and sell you beer’

· ‘If Facebook can be worth billions, why can’t cryptos?’

Why follow Rizzo?

· He is an exceptionally talented writer

· You can learn a lot from his articles

· He is an inspiration to writers aspiring for successful careers

Quote: “Let’s not further divide ourselves. There aren’t 21 million Bitcoiners.”

Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song is a bitcoin advocate and developer. He is the author of ‘Programming Bitcoin: Learn How to Program Bitcoin from Scratch.’ Song was also a contributing author to Coindesk.

Read these articles by Song:

· ‘Bring on the FUD: 2017 was the year Bitcoin became anti-fragile’

· ‘Desperately seeking devs: How to fill Bitcoin’s talent shortage’

· ‘Why miners are mining Bitcoin Cash and losing money doing it’

Follow Song for these reasons:

· He is a crypto fan

· For his interesting views on crypto

· To learn from a fellow developer

Quote: “Bitcoin is open to everyone and provides an exciting opportunity to delve into an entirely new asset class.”

Ofir Beigel

If you are an avid reader of crypto articles, you have definitely come across 99bitcoins. Ofir Beigel is the owner of this blog. He has also contributed articles to Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, Finance Magnates, and Bitcoin.com.

Beigel is the author of My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets.’

Some of his pieces include:

· ‘What are digital signatures?’

· How 400,000 people are gradually adopting Bitcoin in Tel Aviv

· ‘The complete guide to Bitcoin fees’

Why follow Beigel?

· He is well-versed with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

· His articles are educational

Quote: “Tel Aviv is becoming the leading city for bitcoin adoption in Israel and perhaps in the whole Middle East.”

Darren Kleine

Darren Kleine is a contributing writer to Cointelegraph where he writes the article series ‘Journeys in Blockchain.’ Moreover, he is the co-host of a podcast called Crypto Radar.

Here are select topics from his published list:

· ‘Journeys in blockchain: Akon from Akoin and Akon City’

· ‘Are you independent yet? Financial self-sovereignty and the decentralized exchange’

· ‘Journey’s in blockchain: Mati Greenspan of Quantum Economics’

Why follow Kleine?

· To stay up to date with his latest articles and podcast releases

· He is a true crypto fan

Quote: “Every single attack on monetary freedom only makes Bitcoin a stronger proposition.”

Angeline Mbogo

Angeline Mbogo is a blockchain and crypto advocate and educator. She contributes articles to Bitcoin Africa, AfriTechNews, and peer-to-peer gift card exchange Redeeem. She is also the founder of Anthill Elevator, a Digital Marketing Agency focused on blockchain companies among other clients.

Below is a list of her published work:

· ‘Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?’

· ‘The interesting origin of gift cards you never knew’

· ‘Bitclub Network: The rise and fall of a Bitcoin mining scam’

Why follow Mbogo?

· To read and learn from her latest articles

· Because she is a passionate crypto supporter

Quote: "All the known “facts” about Satoshi appear to have been planted intentionally. His actions from the very beginning were premeditated. From the choice of name to his disappearance, everything seems well-planned. It appears that Satoshi has intentionally misled us to think he is someone he is not. He wants to keep his identity a secret and he went to great lengths to do it."

These crypto bloggers and many others are contributing thousands and thousands of content that not only informs but also inspires. Support them by reading and sharing their work.