10 Best Quora Answers to Learn About Cryptocurrency

Get fundamental understanding of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to get you started in your Cryptoverse ventures.

10 Best Quora Answers to Learn About Cryptocurrency

Quora.com is one of the most reliable and comprehensive forums that professionals from different trades use and update to provide answers to questions that would usually be too tedious to research on the web.  We've searched through its many pages to give you the best answers about Cryptocurrency and why it has become one of the fastest growing investment in the last decade.  

1. What are Cryptocurrencies?

By Qiaochu Yuan, ex-PhD student in math

  • A simple, yet detailed explanation of what sets a Cryptocurrency different and promising.  Terms are defined and explained in a logical flow, with solid examples that's as layman as can be.

2.  What is Cryptocurrency mining?

By Pranshu Agarwal, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Educator, Investor and Miner

  • Have you ever wondered why you have to pay "miners fees" every time you transfer Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency? Pranshu provides a clear-cut explanation by using a realistic example to help understand who these 'miners' are and what Crypto-mining is.

 3. How do cryptocurrencies work?

By Durante Sylas, cryptocurrency investor and trader

  • Gives a comprehensive explanation of the basic workings of a cryptocurrency, and also introduces "Alt-coins" and "Stable-coins". Learn about what sets these 2 types of cryptocurrencies apart from the others and why stable-coins are gaining more traction in the crypto-industry as well as the world economy.

 4. Why cryptocurrency is the future?

By Tyler Winklevoss, Chief Executive Officer at Gemini

  • This article effectively outlines what cryptocurrencies can offer that the current fiat-based cash system lacks. Improving consumer privacy, creating a true borderless commerce and reducing pending transactions, these compelling factors will help you understand why investing into cryptocurrency is a smart move.

5. Why should I invest in cryptocurrency?

By Joseph Wang, Ex-VP Quant - Investment banking - Hong Kong

  • Here are 5 reasons why Cryptocurrency is a prudent investment that's worth your hard-earned money. Learn about the risks and how to mitigate them as you get into the new world crypto-finance.

6. What makes crypto currencies worthwhile as a potential investment?

By Trent Alexander, B.admin Finance & Investment Strategies, Stanford  University

  • Learn about the Cryptocurrency analysis concepts to help you make the most of Crytocurrency investment. Understand what determines the value of cryptos and the factors behind their appreciation or depreciation.

7. What is the best way to invest in crypto currencies?

By Patricia H Luka, Head of Operations and Logistics at Langley Group

  • Now that you're banked on investing into cryptos, the next step is to understand the best way to do it. This article is the perfect guide to help you make intelligent decisions on the manner of investment and which cryptos would yield your desired results.

8. Can you really make money with cryptocurrencies?

By Leroy Blunt, Accountant at Wells Fargo

  • Learn the 3 best ways to make money with Cryptocurrency, as well as understand the risks and benefits each has to offer. This article provides an overview of Crytocurrency trading, mining and offering services in exchange for cryptos as payment.

9. Is the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin a good idea?

By James Altucher, author, entrepreneur, podcaster, wall street investor.

  • A narrative of how Bitcoin will eventually replace the current system that we have, based on our history.  A good read if you want to have a better grasp of the past and future of Bitcoin, devoid of all the technical jargon.

10. What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?

By Misha Yurchenko, active crypto trader. I pay my  bills in bitcoin.

  • If you're having the same problems like most people who are looking into Cryptocurrency investment, this would be a helpful read.  Misha provides a few factors that you can check when choosing the crypto that you'd like to invest in.

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