10 Best Places to Learn Gift Cards

A brief collection of 10 best resources to learn about gift cards, how they work, and other pro level factors to buy, sell, and use gift cards.

10 Best Places to Learn Gift Cards

When we started to research the gift card industry both as a business and as a consumer we realized how little information is out there. On the surface gift cards are a simple concept, however many companies handle gift cards differently in terms of refund policy, available bulk discounts, distribution locations, secondary market value, and other factors.

Below are 10 resources you can use with a brief descriptions that should help filter the signal through the noise. Similar to the article Top 10 Affiliate Programs to Earn Bitcoin, we break down our favorite 10 links to help you get a jump start on the topic. If you have any specific questions, ask us and we'll do our best to help you research the answer.

The Motley Fool

  • A 35 slide presentation including how big the gift card industry is, what the challenges are, and ideas for returning cards. ┬áIt's a short skim, but gives good ideas about finding discount gift cards.

Money Crashers

  • Article that encapsulates the types of gift cards, consumers that are involved in the gift card trade industry and factors to consider when getting one. It also discusses how one can use gift cards and what you can do for unused ones. A short slideshow to give you a high level idea of the gift card industry.


  • Describes how you can get bitcoins with your Amazon gift card balance via Purse.io. The article details steps from creating a Purse account to placing orders for other users from the same app in exchange for bitcoins. Purse is a great resource if you want to buy products for others using your Amazon account to get access to bitcoin (at above market value).


  • A popular resource to compare credit card programs based on every cost and perk you can think of. They also do a fair amount of coverage on gift cards, but since gift cards don't change nearly as fast as credit cards, the coverage is few and far between.


  • Tips on how you can get the most of your gift cards especially the unused ones after the holiday season. Being a huge business at almost $30 billion just during the holiday, learn how you can turn these to cash instead of getting hawked online shelved and forgotten.


  • Learn how you can turn your unwanted gift cards into cash, or even into actual gift card brands you need using CardCash.com with a step by step guide. You can use your credit card which is a nice perk, but the discounts are very low.


  • Provides information on how and where to exchange unused gift cards for cash or other gift card brands. Details about online trading platforms like Cardpool, CardCash and Raise are presented concisely such as card brands, guarantee period, buyer and seller rates as well as how trading is done

Dough Roller

  • Lists 7 online platforms where you can sell unwanted or unused gift cards for cash. The list includes Raise.com , Cardpool, Giftcard Granny, CardKangaroo, CardCash, ABC Gift Cards and GC Spread.


  • This article provides 4 card exchange sites that helps you sell your unwanted or unused gift cards for cash. It provides sample payouts and organizes these sites based on benefits such as payouts, brand selection or ease of use.

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