10 Best Crypto Writers on Quora

Got a crypto question? These crypto writers have probably answered it on Quora

10 Best Crypto Writers on Quora

If you are an active user of Quora and are wondering who the best crypto writers on the platform are, this article has listed ten. You could also opt to follow them to keep track of the questions they answer and the questions they ask.

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan is a banking and payments consultant and a co-host of the podcast Around the Coin. Also, he contributes finance and crypto-related articles to his blog. For instance, you should read ‘Five things you can do to get started with crypto for your money transfer business – no fluff!’

Reasons to follow Khan

1. If you are interested in fintech, payments, and crypto

2. To read the answers he has posted on Quora

3. To join the spaces he participates in. For example, he is the admin of Payments Systems and The Funnies

Quote: “When you understand the inherent nature of the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies, you will also then understand the gargantuan task it is to try to ban them or regulate them.”

Brian Roemmele

According to his Quora profile, Brian Roemmele is an alchemist and metaphysician. He is also a co-host of the podcast, Around the Coin.

Some of his favorite topics are Quantum Physics, payments, Apple products, and smart home products. Roemmele is the Founder and Editor of Multiplex, a platform that publishes empirical technology research.

Why follow Roemmele?

1. To read his well-researched answers on a variety of topics

2. To join the spaces he participates in like Accepting Payments and Quotables

3. If you are a fan of technology

Quote: “Mining is very profitable and like all things, it is understanding of the details that makes a world of difference.”

Marius Kramer

Marius Kramer is one of the top crypto writers on Quora. He has answered more than 1,500 cryptocurrency questions. Kramer has taken his time to research cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As a result, he offers crypto investment and blockchain consultancy services. Kramer has a background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Why should you follow Kramer?

1. Because he is well-informed about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

2. To read what he contributes to the space Inner Circle

3. To learn from the many answers he has written on Quora

Quote: “Bitcoin doesn’t live up to its expectations, for example, due to its scalability bottleneck. Ethereum will pick up the torch and lead the total cryptocurrency market cap.”

Margret Becker

Margret Becker is a cryptocurrency fan and writer. On her profile, she reveals she has been a crypto evangelist since she used Ether to pay for her mother’s hospital bills. Becker has written answers to several questions about crypto on Quora.

Consider following Becker because:

1. You want to learn from the answers she has written

2. She is not only a crypto fan but also a crypto user

3. She is the admin of ‘Crypto Living.’ This is a space you could consider joining

4. Becker is knowledgeable in cryptocurrencies, business, and investment

Quote: “I can argue that the outlook of digital currencies is already positioned to represent a global currency market.”

Andrey Urlin

Andrey Urlin is a writer and a blockchain and IT expert. He claims to be the author of a book titled ‘History of Cryptocurrency.’

Urlin is passionate about blockchain technology, computer science, and cryptocurrencies. He is also the COO of crypto exchange Binapex.

Reasons to follow Urlin

1. To learn from his crypto answers

2. If you are interested in discussing crypto with him

Quote: “Hardware wallets are one of the safest wallets out there. They are ideal for holding crypto assets.”

Alan Hibbard

Alan Hibbard is a Bitcoin analyst and writer. He contributes articles to his website, where you will also find his podcast episodes. Hibbard is a frequent writer of crypto and blockchain answers on Quora.

Why follow Hibbard?

1. Because he has taken the time to understand and analyze Bitcoin. For example, the article ‘Bitcoin is not a safe haven’ is an interesting read

2. If you are researching cryptocurrencies, his answers on Quora could give you some insight

Quote: “The collective behavior of the market reveals that people largely ignore Bitcoin and Gold on a day-to-day basis (while instead focusing on Stocks or other “risk assets”), and then, occasionally, they flip their focus – rushing out of Stocks and into Bitcoin and Gold.”

Jim Euclid

Jim Euclid is the Founder of PupX.io. He often writes answers to crypto questions on Quora. Some of the spaces he contributes to are In Bitcoin we Trust and Markets & Finance.

Why follow Euclid?

1. To read and learn from his crypto answers

2. Since he understands crypto

Quote: “Don't ever leave your bitcoin on any exchange. Ever. Not your keys, not your bitcoin.”

Anthony Clarke

Anthony Clarke is a crypto enthusiast and investor with a passion for educating people about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He frequently answers questions on cryptocurrencies and crypto investing on Quora. Additionally, he is a former crypto day trader.

Reasons to follow Clarke

1. He has been a crypto investor for more than six years. Therefore, you could learn from the answers he writes about crypto investing

2. Because he follows crypto closely

Quote: “Bitcoin attracts many different people with diverse personalities and that’s what I love about the cryptocurrency world, it brings together many people from different walks of life.”

Bill Faithful

Bill Faithful is a crypto writer for Casterly Coin. He is also passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and loves to educate people about them. Faithful regularly writes answers to cryptocurrency and crypto investment questions on Quora.

Consider following Faithful on these grounds:

1. To read his latest pieces on Casterly Coin

2. Because he comprehends cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

Quote: “Monday is a good day to trade bitcoin, but not on weekends. For crypto, 1 am to 5 am, Mondays to Thursdays will do you good.”

Stephan Loese

Stephan Loese is a crypto mining and computer expert. He is the contributor of the Bitcoin Trade space on Quora. Moreover, Loese often writes answers to Bitcoin questions on the platform.

Reasons to follow Loese

1. He is knowledgeable in cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, and computers

2. You can learn from his answers

Quote: "If all crypto money was put into BTC instead of all these other junk coins, then BTC would be even more widely accepted as currency."

There is a lot you can learn from crypto writers on Quora through the answers they post. What’s more, you can follow the above people and many others and ask them crypto-related questions directly.