Likely thousands of users of the crypto hardware wallet Ledger have lost more than 1.15 million XRP tokens, with a market value of $287,000, as a result of a phishing attack, according to crypto forensics team at XRP Forensics.  According to Ledger, the attackers used emails found on the dark web with a link to a fake version of the Ledger website, replacing the address characters with similar or identical spellings. The fraudulent site offers users to download a program that steals the assets of Ledger clients. According to xrplorer, the stolen coins were sent to Bittrex in five separate transactions but the crypto platform was unable to stop the withdrawals in time." Ledger reported losing over 1 million addresses in a data breach from late July, so it seems the hackers are now trying to cash-in on their hard work. An unauthorized third party exploited a data vulnerability on the June 25 and was able to access multiple e-commerce and marketing databases. In April 2019, South Korean-based Samsung invested $2.6 million euros ($2.9 million) into Ledger at a $290 million valuation. Click here to learn how to secure your Ledger device from phishing attacks.